Sketch.IO partners with education game provider

ABCya Games is a fun, educational website designed to engage students through meaningful and safe learning games. Over a billion games are played on annually and content ranges from Pre-K to Grade 6 and above. Founded in 2004, ABCya has grown to be a top-tier provider for online education.

The Challenge

Sketch.IO was tasked to redevelop three of ABCya’s existing games: Animate, Story Maker, and Paint. The games were originally written in Flash so naturally they weren’t compatible with many mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone. Sketch.IO worked closely alongside the ABCya design team and utilized the SketchAPI to upgrade the canvas to modern HTML5 and implemented the React framework for the user interface.

ABCya Animate

Animate is designed to teach students the fundamentals of 2D animation by creating a series of individual frames in a timeline and then using the play button to quickly switch between each frame in sequence.

Onion Skins

The concept of onion skins is introduced which allows students to visualize the previous and next frames in the animation sequence.

File Export

Animations can be exported as a printable flip book or animated GIF file which students can share with their friends.

ABCya Story Maker

Story Maker enables students to create their own story book by painting the scenes on each page and drafting their story in the text area. Stories can be exported to a single or double-page PDF file for sharing and printing.

ABCya Paint

Paint is a blank canvas where students can freely express their ideas and creativity using a collection of curated assets and drawing tools.

Coloring Book Pages

Coloring book pages can be filled in with the Magic Coloring brush or the Paint Bucket.