Sketch.IO creates a variety of annotation, editing & design tools.

Our cutting edge software can be utilized in a broad array of industries—from science & education to product customization for printing.

Technologies we specialize in:
Javascript, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, SVG, WebAudio, WebGL & WebRTC.

Sketch.IO is based in Portland, Oregon.

Sketch API

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a set of protocols and tools for building software. The Sketch API is built on a stack of interchangeable modules (tidy packets of code). This structure allows us to tailor sketch software for a wide variety of purposes.

We’ve used SketchAPI for:

  • Annotations & editing for online news
  • GLSL video effects & photo editing
  • Kiosk software in science & learning center installations *
  • Non-destructive illustration & painting apps
  • Promotional contests with sports teams & companies
  • Shape identifying software for machine learning
  • User based product customization for printing

We’re interested in using SketchAPI for:

  • Colorful & musical drawing games for kids
  • Communication in science & medicine with annotations & data sharing
  • Custom print with textiles & ceramics
  • Enabling users to design imaginative storybook illustrations
  • Real-time illustration collaboration
  • User customized digital cards

* One custom version of SketchAPI is called Sketchpad Kiosk; this is a native executable that locks out access from the Desktop and is displayed on touch screens at installations. Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Glasgow Museum of Science were our first partners. Contact us to become the next!


Sketchpad is a non-destructive illustration app featuring a wide spectrum of functionality:

  • 16 Brushes w/ multiple settings
  • Clipart & Images w/ Drag & Drop uploading
  • Shapes
  • Text editor
  • Select tool allowing for easy editing of all objects
  • Colors, Gradients, Patterns & Blend Modes
  • Layers
  • History for easy backtracking
  • Saving & Sharing in PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats
  • Print in high-definition

For more comprehensive details read the Sketchpad Guide.