Get ready for Sketchpad 2019!

Get ready for Sketchpad 2019!

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when using Sketchpad 2019:

  1. Your previous saved drawings won’t be in the file pane.
  2. If you’d like to transfer a file created with a previous version of Sketchpad, you can export the file as a .Sketchpad and then import the file into Sketchpad 2019.
  3. Let us know your thoughts and if you experienced any problems by submitting a bug report.
  4. You can still access Sketchpad 5.1 by visiting

Try out Sketchpad 2019

Here’s some highlights from the new version:

  • Group support for layers pane! 
    • Creating a new group is easy, you can either:
      • Create a selection of layers, then press “CMD+G” on the keyboard.
      • Create a selection of layers, then inside the Layers pane click on the “Group” icon.
    • Editing groups is just as easy:
      • DblClick to select an item within a group while using Select Tool.
  • Gradient editor improvements
    • Editing gradients couldn’t be easier:
      • Simply click twice using Select Tool on any Shape to edit Gradient fills.
      • Click anywhere along the gradient to add new color stops!
      • Click on color stops to edit with the Color Picker!
  • SketchAPI codebase was migrated into ES6 and documented with JSDoc.
  • Text tool improvements
    • Contextual menus: Easily move text, update bold/italic/underline while you’re creating your text block.
    • Ability to size the text based on the FitText algorithm or by specific setting the FontSize
  • User Interface improvements
    • Tools are now neatly organized along the navigation bar for ease of access.
    • Layers pane & history controls are now in a Floating Toolbar which can easily be repositioned.
  • Over 200 other minor optimizations & bug fixes!

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