Sketchpad is a non-destructive illustration app.

The app was originally developed as an attempt to see how close HTML5 could be to a native desktop experience. Today, is distributed as native Win/OSX/Linux executables (via NodeWebkit), and to the majority of devices (via Cordova/Phonegap). This app showcases the promise of HTML5: write once; distribute everywhere.


Sketchpad is built on the SketchAPI, a flexible stack of modules and glue that can be interchanged and built for a number of purposes, for example:

Contact us to learn more about how you, your company, or organization can partner with Sketch.IO.

Education, non-profits, collaboration

We are always looking to collaborate with science centers and non-profit organizations. We’re interested in working places such as the Khan Academy, Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg and other web companies who can use Sketchpad for education general goodness. For these types of companies we do most work for free, or charge half-rate if multiple days of our time is required. This is our favorite type of project to work on.

Sketchpad Kiosk installation

One custom version of SketchAPI is called Sketchpad Kiosk—a native executable for Linux/OSX/Win that locks out access from the Desktop, and is displayed on touch screens at installations. Tel Aviv Museum of Art + Glasgow Museum of Science are some of our 1st partners. Connect with us to become the next.

Most of the credit behind Sketchpad goes to the people involved with developing Canvas, WebGL + WebRTC + WebSockets into the browsers (Blink, Webkit, Gecko & Trident teams), the W3C, and the amazing plugins/libraries/people listed below:

Special thanks

Project Author License
Alertify.js Fabien Doiron MIT
Blob.js Eli Grey MIT/X11
Brush - Harmony Mr. Doob MIT
Brush - Streamer Dan Gries ~
Canvas-toBlob.js Eli Grey MIT/X11
ColorSpace.js Michael Deal MIT
ContextMenu.js Anthony Foster MIT
DetectZoom.js Tom Bigel MIT
Event.js Michael Deal MIT
Flash Canvas Pro Shinya Muramatsu $
FileSaver.js Eli Grey MIT/X11
Font Awesome Dave Gandy OFL
GLFX.js Evan Wallace MIT
GLSL Simplex Noise Ian McEwan MIT
GLSL Blend Modes Nathaniel Meyer Nutty
GLSL Colorify alteredq MIT
GLSL Color Map Google BSD
GLSL Kaleidoscope Toby Schachman ~
GLSL LumaKey Brian Chirls MIT
GLSL Old Film Nathaniel Meyer Nutty
GLSL Scanline Brian Chirls MIT
GLSL TVGlitch Brian Chirls MIT
Google Web Fonts ~ ~
Grunt ~ MIT
HTML2Canvas Niklas von Hertzen MIT
Ico Moon Keyamoon $
IDB.FileSystem Eric Bidelman Apache2
JS Beautifier ~ MIT
jsPDF James Hall MIT
Meny.js Hakim MIT
Morf.js Joe Lambert MIT
NodeWebkit Roger Wang MIT Einar Lielmanis PD
PDF.js Mozilla Apache2
PSD.js Imaya Yuta MIT ~ MIT
ZIP.js Gildas Lormeau BSD